Color Trick DLX

Color Trick is a computer-controlled game that consists of a base unit with 4 color lenses.

The idea of the game is a simple one. Follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you can remember them. The lights show up faster the more sequences you correctly recall...

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Oh, no! Another game of blocks... but wait, this one is different!

Each block is formed by the composition of three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. In this game you change the color of the blocks by adjusting the right amount of these three primary colors...

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ColorMixer is a painting application for your child.

Its unique features will teach your child to mix primary colors while having fun.

The color model used by ColorMixer is widely used in art education. In this model, Red, Yellow and Blue are used as “pure” primary colors...

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Dig This

Dig This is a game about gravity. Have you ever imagined what is under the ground, in the depths of the earth?

The universal law of gravitation will take you deeper and deeper in the ground in this physics-based adventure. Each level is a challenging puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Use your creativity to solve the puzzles, as there are many ways to do this...

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Jetman Reloaded

After a crash, Jetman has landed in a strange undiscovered world, inhabited by hundreds of aliens whose intention is the total destruction of the planet Earth...

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Jigsaw Extravaganza

Jigsaw Extravaganza is a jigsaw puzzle specially designed to meet the requirements of all ages. It is possible to configure the difficulty of the game, setting the number of pieces from 8 to 512.

The puzzles are divided in themes: animals, castles, winter, transportation or historic buildings.

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Themed Puzzle

Themed Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle for all ages. The game can be configured to have from 8 pieces to 512 pieces.

Six different themes are available: flowers, animals, baby animals, cars, sunset and underwater.

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iPuzzle: Super Pack

iPuzzle Super Pack is a package of five famous restricted sliding block puzzles:

- Broken Heart
- Little Cow
- Escaping Jail
- Junk's Hanoi
- Super Challenge

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iPuzzle: Broken Heart

iPuzzle: Broken Heart, is a modern puzzle. It is one of the best restricted sliding block puzzles ever, and contains 8 rectangles, oriented vertically and horizontally.

Apparently, it does not require too many moves to be solved, but you will be surprised that sometimes it's difficult to find any further move at all.

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iPuzzle: Little Cow

iPuzzle: Little Cow is a modern puzzle. It is one of the best restricted sliding block puzzles ever, and contains 8 pieces of different sizes.

The goal of this game is to assemble the baby cow, from its initial scrambled position.

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iPuzzle: Escaping Jail

iPuzzle: Escaping Jail is a medieval puzzle. Its name is reputedly derived from serfs sentenced to the dungeon for petty crimes. As legend goes, they would try the puzzle before serving their sentence to prepare themselves for the rigors of incarceration.

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iPuzzle: Junk's Hanoi

iPuzzle: Junk's Hanoi is based in the famous and classic puzzle "Tower of Hanoi".

The objective of this game is to move all 5 rectangles from the original left top position to the right bottom position.

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iPuzzle: Super Challenge

iPuzzle: Super Challenge is your ultimate challenge. Patience and logical analysis are qualities you must have to beat this game.

More than 200 moves are necessary to solve this puzzle! Will you be able to solve it?

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