ColorMixer is a painting application for your child.

Its unique features will teach your child to mix primary colors while having fun.

The color model used by ColorMixer is widely used in art education. In this model, Red, Yellow and Blue are used as “pure” primary colors. Red and Yellow mix to form Orange, Yellow and Blue mix to form Green, and Blue and Red mix to form Purple.

This is the way all of us learnt in our childhood.

With ColorMixer it is possible to form thousands of different colors.

The application contains 160 coloring pictures.

Key features:

  • Mixture of colors based on pigment mixing like in early childhood art training.
  • Selection of colors from a Color Wheel.
  • Brush tool for painting enclosed areas.
  • Pen tool for freehand drawing.
  • Variable pen width.
  • Variable pressure applied on the pen.
  • Undo / Redo tool.
  • Option to save your painting for later editing.
  • Option to printing your paintings.
  • Option to e-mail your paintings.
  • Ability to save the painted picture to a folder, in different formats (for Mac only).
  • Ability to disable "Print", "Save As" (for Mac only) and "Send Email" through password protected preferences.
  • Friendly help system.


A picture is worth a thousand words.


The real-life video below shows some of the key features of the application for a better feeling of what we have to offer.


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