iPuzzle: Escaping Jail

iPuzzle: Escaping Jail is a medieval puzzle. Its name is reputedly derived from serfs sentenced to the dungeon for petty crimes. As legend goes, they would try the puzzle before serving their sentence to prepare themselves for the rigors of incarceration.

Alike the "real" life of these serfs, the large tile personifies a serf in his cell.

Originally made from wood, Escaping Jail contains 5 rectangles and 5 squares that are held within a frame. The goal of the game is to free the large tile through the point of exit in the bottom of the frame by sliding the tiles.

Escaping Jail was designed to reproduce as much as possible the natural movements of this kind of sliding block puzzles. It means that if you leave a piece in the middle of its course, you will block the movement of other pieces.

More than 80 moves are necessary to solve this puzzle.


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