Jetman Reloaded

After a crash, Jetman has landed in a strange undiscovered world, inhabited by hundreds of aliens whose intention is the total destruction of the planet Earth.

Alien missile installations, surrounded by electric defence stations, are scattered over the surface of the planet and ready to be launched toward Earth.

With no hope of help, Jetman has to destroy all alien installations before the imminent destruction of his home planet.

You must protect your Lunar Rover, since you can not survive in the hostile planet without it.

Certain aliens only appear when you start a new game level. Every alien have different characteristics and some of them, the trackers, are intelligent and will follow you around the planet.

Your Lunar Rover has an unlimited supply of jet pack fuel and an unlimited supply of bridging platform, used to fill all the holes and craters that are scattered on the surface of the planet.

There are two fully functional teleports on the planet and you can teleport yourself to the other side of the planet. The Teleport can also be used to teleport any item Jetman is carrying.

You can mount the laser gun in the rear of the Lunar Rover to blast a few aliens from inside the Lunar Rover.

Hurry up Jetman! Your time is running out. Go find the alien missile base before it's too late to save the Earth. Good luck!


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